About Our
About Hogback BBQ Pit
Once you go Hogback BBQ Pit, you don’t go back
to anything else, because their incredibly tasty
selection of charcoal and hickory smoked meats is
just where it’s at.

Having mastered the art of smoking beef and pork
to perfection by catering parties, reunions, and
weddings of friends and family for over 17 years,
Robert & Heidi are ready to share their homemade
deliciousness with all of Sunbury. Their
mouthwatering menu includes juicy fall-off-the-
bone ribs, pulled pork, pulled beef, and more, as
well as all your favorite side items, like tater salad,
cole slaw, and pit beans.

So if you’re craving some ‘que at your next event,
you can have Hogback come on by to set up and
serve, or they’re happy to just drop off their
superb food with you. Either way, the scrumptious
fare from Hogback BBQ Pit will make your guests’

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